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Welcome to
Strong Women Squad!

Women are awesome and I'm in love with every single one of you, which is why this website, this movement, exists.  It's a place of camaraderie and celebration, and it belongs to all of you.  They say empowering people empower each other, so the goal of the Strong Women Squad is to do just that - empower each other through knowledge, experience, friendship, and bravery.  We are stronger together.

Together we're goddamn superheroes.

You want to join?  Well BOOM, you're in.


— Beyoncé

This is where you'll find lashings of content celebrating women.  Celebrating you.  Showing off their achievements, sharing their tips, their skills, their hopes and dreams, their feelings and their stories.  This is YOUR house, Strong Women Squad.


"Freedom, I won't let you down, I will not give you up"

— George Michael

On this page we'll talk about all the real stuff going on in the world - things that might make us angry, happy, hopeful or sad.  Sometimes we have to feel these emotions along with our sisters and brothers around the world.  It keeps us real.


"Express yourself, don't repress yourself"

— Madonna

Here in the Book Club is where we'll keep everything bookish, from author interviews, to book giveaways, to reviews and top picks, and info about book clubs you can be involved in.  Everyone's welcome to snuggle on in, just bring a cuppa.


"I'm on the right track, baby, I was born to be brave"

— Lady Gaga

The Events page is a collection of some of the best goings-on around the world for women, that we thought you might be interested in.  If you know a corker of an event that we should add, just let us know via the Get In Touch page!

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"If I wanna take a guy home with me tonight, It's none of your business"

— Salt N Pepa

Do you need a quick pep-talk from some Strong Women (and men)?  Head over to the Motivation Station for short, inspiring quotes that you can read on screen, or you can download mobile and desktop wallpaper versions to keep them with you.