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we all know females are strong as hell, and Strong Women Squad is a celebration of our global sisterhood. Here you'll find fun, collaborative content, such as essays by awesome writers, interviews with entrepreneurial women, events, words of wisdom, and more.

It's a place to be inspired, be empowered, be part of something, be YOU.

FAQs about your Strong Women Squad:

"Do you make any money from Strong Women Squad?"

Nope!  I do it for the looooove.  But it was always the plan that if I do make money – through advertising, merchandise, a book deal, etc – profits will go to a women's charity, details TBC.

"Do you pay for contributions?"

I would love to pay you what you deserve for anything you write for SWS but, as answered above, I just don't have the funds. I'm sorry.  I hope you understand and still want to take part!

"I can't be a super woman; I can't do everything, why can't I just be ME?"

You ARE a super woman!  And diversity is everything.  Be wonderful, intelligent, eclectic, funny you and know that that alone makes you a superpower.

"I'm not very strong..."

Physically or emotionally? You don't have to be either to be part of Strong Women Squad, but you can work towards being both. Likelihood is, you're already stronger than you might think.

"Do I have to be a woman to be part of the Strong Woman Squad?"

NOPE - if you support and celebrate women and believe in equality for all, you're in, Mr.  In the wise words of President Fitzgerald Grant in Scandal, "Every single time I run into one of those wives wearing her headband, perfectly content to stand in her husband’s shadow and do as she’s told, all I want to do is say 'What the hell happened to you, lady? Wake up!' There’s nothing wrong with you David [insert your own name here if you like]; you’re just attracted to women who don’t wear headbands. Powerful women. The ones who raise the bar and make you jump to get there."

"Excuse me, isn't having a Strong Women Squad sexist?"

HAHAHA no.  Celebrating women doesn’t take anything away from men.  And relax, the rest of the world is still a strong men squad.
But not for long.  We’re coming for you.

About Lisa Dickenson



I write books!  Rom-coms are my game, and I keep them real, modern, and full of ladies who would be welcomed into the Strong Women Squad with open arms.

FAQs about Lisa Dickenson:

“I’ve literally never heard of you.  Are you sure you’re a published author?”

Yes, I promise!  If you haven’t heard of me yet you soon will.  Because I am having a wild affair with Beyoncé and it’ll all come out eventually shhhhhhhhh.

"Are your books a series or standalone?"

They are all their own people, baby.

"Can I make a movie out of your books?"

Yes please, thank you!

"Chick lit isn't very feminist though..."

Actually my books aren't only sold in female changing rooms and stuck to the side of contraceptive pills - anyone can buy them!  The more readers the merrier.  I do prefer the term rom-com, because there's no reason women need their own genre of literature, nor should men feel excluded from one.  

"But aren't they all about a woman only being happy after she's found a man?"

I can't deny that a romance book will have romance in, but I am mindful to always make sure the lurve side of things is only part of the lives of my leading ladies.  They have a whole world of other shiz going on too.

If you'd like to know a little more about me and what I'm up to (translation: please be my friend!) you can find me loitering about at any of the following:


House rules

Don't be a hater

There are two strands to this -

1. Please don't bash, or degrade, menfolk. Too often feminism is (incorrectly) linked to man-hating, which takes the focus away from what we really stand for. There'll be times where we'll express frustrations or worry on this site that are linked to legitimate anger-making issues, which might happen to be led by men, but I don't want to see any broad generalisations. 

2. Don't hate on each other. If you don't agree with somebody's point of view - great, that's what makes the world go round! If you feel it's offensive or against what SWS stands for, let me know via the 'report comment' tool and I'll check it out.

Spread the word!

That doesn't mean you're under any obligation to promote, share, RT, etc anything to do with Strong Women Squad, it just means - if you've enjoyed the content, go forth and celebrate the women, or people, in your life.  Be someone that builds people up, rather than knocks people down.  Nobody likes a Debbie Downer.  Everyone likes a friend.*

*Unless that friend talks during good TV.  Then that friend can go to hell.