Here's How Our Book Club of the Month Could Make You an Author

As you know, heat Book Club is our Book Club of the Month.  If you haven't checked them out yet, here's one absolutely awesome reason you should head over there right now.

Heat magazine have teamed up with Books and The City, the home of female fiction over at Simon & Schuster UK, to launch the #Heatseeker competition.  And to find YOU, if you're up to the challenge (and I know you can handle it).  #Heatseeker aims 'to find and publish an exciting new women’s fiction short story writer' - you could be just 2,500 words away from your dream.

You should totally give it a go!  What's to lose?  I started my author career by entering a short story competition, and I never thought it would get me anywhere other than that it would actually make me start and finish a piece of work.  That alone was an achievement, and I was proud of myself, as my real name is Lady Lisa of Procrastination (why do you think I started SWS?  It's because I've got edits to my fifth book to do).

Here are the details (see Books and The City's Heatseeker page for more):

  • To enter #HeatSeeker you will need to complete a 2,500 word (max) short story
  • You have until 11.00pm on 30th September 2017 to submit your short story
  • The prize is your story published as an eBook in Spring 2018, an author mentoring session with Sunday Times bestselling author Paige Toon and a critique of your work by Literary Agent Rebecca Ritchie.
  • The plotline can be anything; the only requirement is that it must fall within the women’s fiction genre!
  • The term ‘women’s fiction’ is generally used to mean fiction that appeals primarily to women, though is not necessarily written by a women, and tends to be full of modern relationships featuring friends, family and lovers.
  • It can be funny, it can be sad, but most of all it covers great storytelling with believable characters and plot
Whether you’ve been itching to write for years and just need that final push; you’re a huge fan of women’s fiction and think you could write the perfect short story; or you just fancy the ultimate literary challenge for the summer
— Books and The City

Sara-Jade Viture, the Brand Director over at Books and The City, (follow her on Twitter at @BookMinxSJV) has these tips for those of you flexing those typing fingers:

  1. Write a story you would most like to read
  2. Make me laugh
  3. Make it fresh and original
  4. Make me cry
  5. Keep the story moving
  6. Grab me from the first line
  7. Tell me a story I haven’t read before
  8. Excite, engage and captivate me
  9. Create characters I will believe in and like
  10. Remember, we are only looking for a short story in the ‘women’s fiction’ genre!

I'm pretty fond of Heidi Swain and Milly Johnson, so I love their Top Tips for writing in the graphics below, and there are heaps more on Books and The City's site, so check out those bad boys.


The dream team are also giving away another awesome ebook in this week's heat magazine!  Get Holly Hepburn's A Year at the Star and Sixpence by following the instructions listed in heat, out today (Tuesday 15th August).

Holly's new book, The Picture House by the Sea, is also available to buy now.

So all in all, Strong Women Squad, I think we can agree the heat Book Club is a right corker of a Book Club of the Month.  Free stuff, chances of lifetimes, a great community of super-friendly book lovers, and all brought you to on the comfort of your sofa, or wherever you sit in your pants and scroll the internet.

Happy reading, y'all!


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