Club of the Month: heat’s Book Club

If you've got a hankering to join a book club but can't quite muster up the willpower to go to one where the people are in 3D, have we got the online book club selection for you.  Each month I'll introduce you to a new one, and all you need to do is take your pick and dive on in!  Or not.  You do you, sista.

Our first book club of the month is a corker, that's both fun and inclusive, and packed with reviews, questions, competitions (there's a brilliant one on there at the moment where you can actually become an author!) and a big dollop of humour.  It's heat magazine's book club, hosted over on Facebook and run by the incredibly talented heat journalist/amazing author, Isabelle Broom.

We’re so thrilled with how the heat Book Club is growing, week by week. We’re extremely passionate about all-things book-related, and having this online space has allowed us to spread that love far and wide. We hope to continue to grow it in the future, and invite many more book fans to join. It’s a great space for discussing, sharing and meeting like-minded people.
— Isabelle Broom

Isabelle's newest book, Then. Now. Always. is available to buy here (and in loads of other places, you'll find it.

Follow her on Facebook, Twitter or her website.  She's PROPER ace.

Isabelle Broom - look at that lovely face...

Isabelle Broom - look at that lovely face...