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Beyoncé - Diva Workshop

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic divas of the 21st century. Join us on our Beyonce Diva Workshop and spend the day strutting, swaggering and booty shaking your way through some of Beyonce's biggest hits.

Her incredible solo career has produced iconic songs like Single LadiesDangerously in Love, and Run the World to name but a few. Each of her hits has been accompanied by an amazing video with state-of-the-art choreography.


In this one day workshop you will learn moves to one of Beyonce's classic hits, giving you the chance to be part of some of her most famous routines:

  • Understand and explore basic moves: and learn about posture and position
  • Lose inhibitions and gain confidence: while developing greater balance, flexibility and strength
  • Learn how to add expression and attitude to dance in the style of Beyonce

Everyone's welcome, and you’ll receive friendly feedback throughout the day.