The Teachers That Taught Me Life

Today I'm delighted to celebrate three awesome teachers that helped shape one of our Strong Women Squad member's lives.  Tegan, now training to be a teacher herself, talks below about how these three women impacted her life in a way that gave her the confidence to truly be herself.  And by the way, herself is pretty ace.

At the end of her piece, pop your thoughts in the comments section and chat with Tegan about your own favourite teacher! 

The Teachers That Taught Me Life

by SWS guest writer, Tegan Siân Longman 

As a university student studying education the question I find I’m asked the most is “why would you want to be teacher?”

Usually in response I politely laugh before telling them it’s just something I’ve always wanted to do. As someone who loves to learn to teach and inspire the next generations is what I want to do. Since the beginning of my course my lecturers and tutors have reminded me to be thoughtful of what kind of teacher I want to be. In thinking about this I find myself looking back on the teachers I’ve had throughout my schooling. While I’ve been very lucky to have great teachers over years there are three of my teachers that always come to mind first.

These three women are the teachers that impacted me the most. The teachers that taught me to have confidence in myself and my abilities. They taught me that it’s ok to not be like everyone else and that my voice is important. It is these teachers that have inspired me over the years and have taught me to be the strong woman I am today and I thank them for that.

One of those teachers is Mrs Crawshaw, my year 5 teacher. When I think of that class I am reminded of so many happy memories. Mrs Crawshaw created an incredible environment in her classroom one of fun, acceptance and belonging. It was one of those classes where everyone got along, which doesn’t happen often, in fact as a class we would all play tag together at lunch times. We even had a full class sleepover in our classroom so we could stargaze. It was in this classroom that I found my confidence with Mrs Crawshaw’s encouragement. I was so lucky to have her as a teacher and am so thankful for all that she taught me. 

The second teacher that comes to mind is Miss Jarvis, or Mrs Simpson as she became. After being with the same classmates for two years in my final year of primary school I was placed in a new class. I was very much out of my comfort zone and that scared me. However I am so grateful to have had that experience as I learnt something so valuable from it and from Miss Jarvis. I learnt how to thrive and succeed out of my comfort zone. Miss Jarvis’ class was one full of encouragement and she taught me to always have a go even if my initial reaction is that I won’t succeed always try. This is a lesson that I am incredibly thankful for as it is one that has come very much in handy over the years since.

I almost don’t know where to begin with this final teacher. This teacher was the one that was always there for me from primary school through to high school. My cello teacher Ms Spiller. I had the pleasure of being her student for around 7 years. Not only was she my private cello teacher but she was also my string orchestra teacher over those years. Miss Spiller taught me to really put the work into the things I do in life and to also have pride in those things. She was also the teacher I trusted most, one I knew that I could go to with any problem which I know I was so lucky to have.

I find that it isn’t until you look back that you realise how lucky you were to have your favourite teachers. To the three incredible women I mentioned above, thank you for all that you taught and did for me. I hope that one day I can do for my students what you did for me.

Now I turn the question to you readers. Who was your favourite teacher and what lesson has stayed with you until today? I look forward to reading your replies in the comments.   


Thank you for sharing this, Tegan!

Tegan Siân Longman is an Australian born to a Welsh family. She lived in Wales for a few years as a child until retreating back to the land down under. Now 25 she resides on the Gold Coast where most of her time is spent at University studying Education, at the restaurant she works at, or trying to stop her cat from scratching every piece of furniture in her apartment. Avid Reader, novice writer and karaoke diva.

You can follow Tegan on Twitter: @Tegan_Sian92 or on Instagram: @tegan_sian