Make Your Passion Your Paycheck: This Strong Woman Did

Kim Nash wanted something of her own.  A way to earn some extra income, and grow her skills as a businesswoman.  She began as an Independent Consultant for Arbonne, a company that sells botanically-based products for skin, hair, etc., a couple of years ago, and she's here on Strong Women Squad today to share the highs and lows of going it on your own.

Kim, am I right that this didn’t start as a business venture for you, but when the opportunity arose you decided to just go for it?  Could you tell us about that process?

Two years ago, a friend started a network marketing online business selling botanical based skincare, makeup and health and nutrition products.  I trust her judgement implicitly and when she lent me a bag of skincare products for a week and asked me to let her know what I thought, I was well up for it. 

As someone who has suffered with skin problems, all my life I’m always wary of new products but decided to give them a go.  OMG!  I used the products for 5 days and my skin completely changed.  It felt springier, healthier and people commented that I looked different.  Not only did my skin change but my confidence changed too.  So she showed me how to buy the products at a discounted rate.

I held a couple of “dos” at my house where friends came along and they loved and bought some products too.  She suggested I should sign up as a business consultant because then I’d earn commission each time someone bought something.  The idea ticked away in my brain for a while and I decided to do some research.

The opportunity you’ve taken is called network marketing.  Could you explain a little more what that is?

This is now also known as social marketing.  When you go to a new restaurant and have a fab meal, you go and tell someone about it, right? And your friends then probably visit and have a fab meal and they tell their friends.  Does that restaurant ring you up and give you vouchers for recommending them? No! When you see a new film at the cinema, you probably go and tell your friend how fab it was.  Does the cinema thank you for shouting about it by giving you some money? No! But network marketing companies give you commission each time someone buys something under your consultant code.  So simply the more people you tell, and the more products you sell, the more you earn.

This must have felt quite daunting, putting yourself out there.  What did you do to overcome any fears, like the fearless Strong Woman you are?

I was told that these companies do “personal development.”  I thought I was developed quite well thank you very much, but when I look at the training and development that this company gives you access to, recommended books to read, entrepreneurs to chat to, podcasts to listen to, videos to watch, there is so much out there to help you to be the best version of yourself.   I found myself unexpectedly LOVING this part.

But I did worry about how on earth was I going to market my new business IF I decided to run with this opportunity.  I realised that I really don’t have to invent the wheel!  There were tons of incredibly successful people before me, who have already done all the ground work, and are happy to share it with you.  All you have to do is replicate what they have done.  And when all is said and done, if you know people who have hair and wash it, have skin and either have baths or showers, wear make-up etc. use health products then all you have to do is share what you do.

So I thought – what the hell! I’ve stood on the sidelines and watched others do stuff like this all the time and wondered whether it actually works! It’s time to jump in!

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

Network marketing or social marketing is a new way of earning money.  You have to rid yourself of the “work an hour, get paid for an hour” mentality because time spent building your business and sharing your products is not instantly rewardable.  There is the right now cash that you’ll get each month and then once you start to build a team underneath you and show them how to do the same, and they crack on, that’s where the real rewards start.  And not just the financial rewards but the rewards for helping to change people’s lives.  

I’ve seen people working long hours, dreading Monday morning, never seeing their families, be able to give up that life and instead take holidays, drive new cars, be present.  Now they have coffee with people, sharing products they believe in.  These are not people that someone else knows.  These are people that I know; people that I’m proud to say are my friends. 

We all know that time is precious and we should use it wisely!

You must be very busy.  What words of wisdom would you have for someone who wanted to start a side-business, but weren't sure it was for them?


I’m not saying it’s been an easy ride, because it hasn’t.  The people that I thought would support me, haven’t.  People that I thought wouldn’t support me have!  Some people think that I’m asking them to cut their arm off or join a mad cult if I ask them to look at the business opportunity or even try the products.  I’ve had people say that it’s a pyramid scheme.  I’ve had people ask me if I realise what I’ve gotten into!  (Arbonne abide by the Direct Selling Association and there are strict laws so no, it’s not a pyramid scheme).

Lots of people say they don’t have time.  Who does? But I’m happy to give up a couple of nights TV a week, to put some effort into my business.  Have you ever sat and thought about how many pay packets you actually have until you retire? I have! And it’s not as many as I thought it was going to be! Work it out.

Lots of people say, I don’t know enough people.  But you know people and they know people, and you meet people on a daily basis, online, in the supermarket, at the school gates, at work.  

Some people say, I don’t like selling and don’t want to sell to friends and family.  But it’s just about making recommendation and sharing the products and the business opportunity and finding other people to do the same.  If someone showed me some fab products and a really easy way to buy them, so they get delivered to my home, I’d be well up for that. 

But for all the people that say no, there are lots of people that say yes and this business is growing massively!

You do have to be prepared to work at it; it’s not a get rich quick scheme.  It’s a business when all is said and done and what business do you know that you can start, and not do any work and get paid?  I can’t think of any, can you?

So you think Strong Women Squad members who may be thinking of starting a business should just go for it?

I couldn’t think of a reason why not to start a business as an Independent Consultant with Arbonne.   So I did!  And there’s not been a day that I’ve regretted it!  If this is something in particular that interests you, do your research. Find a network marketing company whose ethics you love and feel that you could be part of.  Chat to others in the industry.  Call me!

But what if it doesn’t work? But what if it does?

But what if I fall?  Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?

Thank you, Kim, for giving us a glimpse into your world! 

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