Friday Let-Off-Steam Dance Party! This week: BACK TO BASICS

Sometimes you just want to scale it back and keep things simple.  I hear ya.  It's Friday, it's been a big week, you want a glass of wine and to just relax - that's your version of letting off steam.  If that sounds like you today, check out our collection of scaled back acoustic, a cappella, or just plain uncomplicated choons.


Hello - Adele, Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and some classroom instruments


I love these classroom instruments segments on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and Adele absolutely belts out Hello in this video.  Check out the rest of them on YouTube, and let me know which is your favourite!  Mine is Mariah's All I Want For Christmas.

Cheerleader - Pentatonix


Pentatonix have grown and grown over the past few years - check out their full range of videos and awesome 'Evolution of' videos on their YouTube channel.

STARSHIPS - Mike Tompkins, the public, and the Pitch Perfect Cast


Okay, this isn't exactly relaxing, but it's a lovely celebration of a whole lotta people.  And it has the Pitch Perfect cast.  And Pitch Perfect always causes a smile.


Don't Dream It's Over - Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande


Miley's Backyard Sessions are part of her Happy Hippie foundation, and you might have caught this duo performing the same song recently at Ariana Grande's One Love Manchester concert.

CLOSER - Boyce Avenue and Sarah HylanD


This cover isn't far off the original, but it's fun seeing Hayley from Modern Family show off what a talented singer she is.

Dancing On My Own - Ashley Tisdale and Lea Michele


This is just a lovely, stripped down version of a lovely song.  Soothing for the soul...




What a talent.  Bravo, Ariana!


Thanks for joining the Friday 'Let Off Steam' dance party!  Come back next week for another musical celebration, and a brand new theme.

L x

Psst - here's a Spotify playlist if you're at work and need to have a listen incognito.  Enjoy!  BUT most of the songs are the originals, rather than the versions above, as these are YouTube covers.