The Hell Shall I Do This Sunday? This week: MOVE YOUR BODY

Sunday!  A day perfect for mooching about, drinking coffee, looking through old photos and lying face-first on the sofa.  But how about learning something new today?  Nothing too taxing or time consuming (you won't be speaking Italian by the end of today) (unless you already can).  This week's lazy Sunday learning is brought to you by, frankly, a lady that I might have mentioned I'm rather fond of!  Beyoncé!  

Do you want to get moving and learn a super-simple Beyoncé dance routine, courtesy of Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign from a couple of years backs?  Yes, I knew you would!  Because they are QUEENS and so are YOU!

Okay, kick everyone else out of the room, get your Sasha Fierce out of the wardrobe, and let's go...

Let's start with seeing what you're going to be able to do by the end...


Beyoncé's "Move Your Body" video for the Let's Move! Flash Workout. 


Now here's the breakdown...


Learn all the moves for the "Let's Move" Flash Workout! - Part 1


Don't give up, you're doing so well!


Learn all the moves for the "Let's Move" Flash Workout! - Part 2



Now check out these kid's faces when she showed up to shake it with them...


Beyonce surprises students at PS/MS 161 Don Pedro Albizu Campus, to perform alongside them to the Official Lets Move! Flash Workout for New York City.


And if that's not enough Beyoncé for ya (for me it's never enough) here's the video for the original song, Get Me Bodied, which came out in 2006 and is LUSH:

L x


Beyoncé's official video for 'Get Me Bodied' ft. Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams and Solange Knowles (Extended Mix).