"Be Your Own Role Model", Like Ashley Graham Is Hers

There I was, perusing the internets like every good procrastinating author does, when I came across this gorgeous video of model Ashley Graham delivering a Keynote Speech at the 22nd annual Women Mean Business Luncheon.

Maybe you need a little body positivity in your life, maybe you just need a reason to know and love Ashley Graham even more, but this video shouldn't be missed.  

I honestly love my cellulite, my rolls, the inner part of my thighs that jiggle and touch. It’s gorgeous.

Ashley talks about her insecurities, growing up to be labelled a 'plus-size' model, and how she's learned to truly love herself, and become her own role model.  She has some great advice too.  

Never let anybody tell you ‘No’. Never let anybody tell you you can’t.

We love Strong Women <3

Be you. Be real. Be authentic. Be your favourite kind of woman.