Your TED Talk Challenge: Week 3

Week 3 of the Strong Women Squad TED Talk Challenge is now complete - we had talks about video games, teen pregnancy, how to step up in the face of disaster, and a performance song from women spending their lives behind bars.  Sorry, I totally missed putting one up on Friday!  Which was your favourite?

Here's a reminder of what this is all about...

What the hell are you challenging me to do?
Dedicate 10-20 mins to YOU time by watching a new TED Talk each day.  I’ll be doing it in my lunch breaks, as a way of stepping back from endless work emails!
Which ones should I watch?
There are thousands of fantastic talks by all types of Strong Women and Men.  We’ll be putting a new recommendation up on the Strong Women Squad Facebook page every single week day, and if you want to share your thoughts on it afterwards that would be ace!
What’s in it for me?
TED Talks are a great way to enrich yourself by listening to new topics, new ideas and new points of view. 
I don’t have any spare time!
Just give it a go, for one week.  You deserve a break, so take it.
Okay, fine.  Where do I go?
Our Facebook page!  We also post lots of other delicious content, so come and give it a ‘like’. (Please)

Here are the talks we watched this week if you want to catch up on any of them.  It's never too late! 


The ten women in this chorus have all been sentenced to life in prison. They share a moving song about their experiences — one that reveals their hopes, regrets and fears. "I'm not an angel," sings one, "but I'm not the devil." Filmed at an independent TEDx event inside Muncy State Prison, it's a rare and poignant look inside the world of people imprisoned with no hope of parole. (Note: The prison's Office of Victim Advocacy has ensured that victims were treated fairly and respectfully around this TEDx event.)


With more than half of the world population living in cities, one thing is undeniable: we are an urban species. Part game, part urban planning sketching tool, "Cities: Skylines" encourages people to use their creativity and self-expression to rethink the cities of tomorrow. Designer Karoliina Korppoo takes us on a tour through some extraordinary places users have created, from futuristic fantasy cities to remarkably realistic landscapes. What does your dream city look like?


Christian Rodríguez is a photographer and filmmaker -- and the son of a teenage mother. For the past five years, he has documented teen pregnancy in Latin America, creating intimate and dignified portraits of mothers as young as 12 years old. In this moving, visual talk, he shares his work and explores how young motherhood traps girls in a cycle of poverty and exploitation.


When a freak tornado hit their hometown, sisters Caitria and Morgan O'Neill -- just 20 and 24 at the time -- realized they had to jump in and help. What they learned is: After a natural disaster, there's only a tiny window before the world turns its sympathy (and its donations) elsewhere -- so it's important to be prepared for every aspect of recovery. Watch this talk to learn how to step up in a timely fashion for your own community.