These Are The Women That Can Spark You Into Action

Do you ever get into one of those funks where you just mope about, wandering from room to room, knowing you have a huge to-do list but not knowing where to start?  And more importantly, not feeling any compulsion to bother starting?  I do.  And sometimes the only way to move forward is by someone in your squad giving you a damned hard talking to.  Maybe it's someone you know, maybe it's a public figure you feel inspired by. 

SO I ASKED YOU, MY STRONG WOMEN SQUAD, if you needed a good pep-talk, someone you could spend the day with and come away feeling motivated and ready for anything, who would you go to?

Mine is Beyoncé.  You might have already guessed that.  I have just as many hours in the day as Beyoncé.  Yes I do.  DO SOMETHING, LISA.

The artist, Pink.  Love all the lyrics to her songs, and she’s an all round pretty amazing strong woman.  I have three daughters, so I think she’s a great role model for young women.
— L-J Pet, via Instagram (@lisajpet)
My mum. She knows her stuff. I was having a wobble about my new job and how far behind I feel I am and told mum - she said that they had chosen to employ me because of my experience and that if they had chosen anyone else they would be even further behind. I also got told off for not being sufficiently proactive (part of feeling so far behind) and as of tomorrow I will take mum’s telling off on board and be proactive. She’s so great.
— SarahLouise, via Facebook
I’ve always admired Serena Williams - she’s the epitome of a strong woman (literally!)... for years people have condemned her for not conforming to their stereotype of a “conventional” female tennis player, or even just a “conventional” woman, but she basically couldn’t give a crap and just keeps on winning to shut them all up - even when 8 weeks pregnant apparently! She rocks!
— Sarah-Jayne, via Facebook
I would go to any one of my awesome friends: Andi, Frankie, Jodie and my mum Marion. They are utterly inspiring, strong women that I’m really lucky to have in my life.
— Lynsey James, Author, via Facebook (
My fabulous friend Emma has been in my life seemingly forever! Despite being outrageously busy herself, she will always take the time to listen, to understand, commiserate, advise and motivate me. Also, the inspirational Suse who shares a lot of my parenting opinions and is so totally getting it right when you look at her beautiful family. I know she would always be there for me to have a good rant and moan and would send me on my way feeling better about anything (and drunk. I normally leave her company drunk too 😉).
They’re awesome.
— Sarah, via Facebook
Michelle Obama. She has done so much for young girls, in education, inspiring them to be smart, strong, to go after their dreams and how important respect is for each other and ourselves. She has impacted so many women’s lives, not just in America but across the world, inspired us to demand more, aim higher and to help each other up, support each other and cheer each other on. We all need more Michelle in our lives.
— Holly Martin, Author, via Facebook (
I have so many wonderful people in my life. Sara Moseley is one, Lisa Baker another. I always feel full up of awesomeness when I spend time with them. From a writing point of view Cathy Bramley, Miranda Dickinson, Angie Marsons, Kitty French - wow so many to mention and I’m so lucky to be around people like this!
— Kim, via Facebook
Someone gutsy, creative and individual, like Debbie Harry or Kate Bush.
— Katey Lovell, Author, via Facebook (
Cara Alwill Leyba, Lisa Nichols are two amazing women who inspire me. I love that Cara epitomises the power of women working together instead of against each other. How having a support network of like minded women can help you to reach your goals quicker. What I love about Lisa is the fact that she is so open, she’s been through almost everything so she speaks from the heart. She believed in herself and changed her life, I love the way she inspires me to believe that I can reach my goals and change my life.
— Helen Phifer, Author, via Facebook (
I’m incredibly lucky to have 3 wonderful women I know I can go to that are there for me and support me or tell me to stop being silly and get out there and smash it. Those ladies are Laura Beth my oldest friend/chosen sister, Mel Cranstone my bestie/hetro-lifemate and Steph Allison whom I may have only known for just over a year but has fast become a close friend and cocktail drinking confidant 💜💜💜
— Tegan, via Facebook
I would want to talk to Marie Osmond. She’s strong, fearless and kind. She always stays true to her beliefs, she is giving and talented. I want to meet her one day and thank her for all that she has done for me.
— Trish, via Instagram (@tishylou77)

Thank you, contributors!  Now, who would the rest of you choose to go to for a pep-talk?  Let me know in the comments below!